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How to access the POS Health Matrix

What is the Health Matrix?

The Health Matrix is a single place to view all of the stores associated with your brand and quickly view how many of those stores are ready to communicate with Olo.   

Where can I find the Health Matrix?

If you have brand-level access in Dashboard, the Health Matrix can be found via the POS tab along the lefthand menu. 


Understanding the Health Matrix

There are 8 fields in the Health Matrix that contain information about a store's status. There is also a search bar at the top that can filter the list.

  • Vendor Name: Name of the vendor as defined in Olo.

  • Store ID: The store reference configured in Olo.

  • State: The state associated with the location in Olo.

  • Status: Either public or private. A vendor set to private will not be searchable on the ordering site. 

  • POS: Displays the type of POS interface associated with a vendor. If this says a POS System the Olo agent has been successfully installed and communicated at least once.  If the agent has not been installed or has not been able to communicate this will show as MoboVendor.   

  • Enabled: This store has been enabled with Olo and can accept online orders.

  • Connected: The agent has successfully connected to Olo without error.

  • Online: The store is actively able to communicate with Olo without network errors or POS blocks.


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