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MICROS POS: Error - Employee class not set to POS API Employee


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An Olo vendor (store/location) experienced a failed order on both the Order Failure Technical Details and the Olo log stated this error as the cause: "Employee class not set to a POS API Employee".  This article outlines the steps to resolve this issue.


This article outlines the steps needed to resolve this issue to enable Olo ordering.  Olo uses an Employee in the MICROS database to inject all orders into the POS.  This employee should be linked to a POS API Employee class.  Many times restaurant managers will change the class assigned to this Employee or they will change the Employee Class that this employee must use.

Step 1

Determine the employee number that is configured for Olo use. 

  • Login to the Dashboard (
  • Go to Store Settings
  • Select the desired store (confirm store selection)
  • Select POS Settings (Red Box)

  • Select Configuration Tab (Red Box) 
    • Note: You may not see the tabs in the yellow box but they are not necessary for this task.

  • Make note of the EmployeeId value (9997 in the example)

  • Minimize the Dashboard

Step 2

Resolve the issue with this employee in micros.

  • Login to POS configurator on your MICROS POS System
  • Select the Employee's Tab
  • Select the Employee Button
  • Select the Employee from Step 1 (9997 in the example)
  • Go to the Security Tab
    • Confirm the Employee Class assigned to this employee is something with a similar name to "POS API Class"

  • Select the folder to the right of the assigned Employee Class to open the Employee Class details.

  • Select the Employee Class that is assigned to the API Employee

  • Select the Transactions Tab

  • Select the Transaction Control Tab
    • Make sure the POS API Employee option is checked

  • Save any changes and close out of POS Configurator
  • Reload the micros database in the micros Control Panel

Step 3

Confirm that this resolved the issue.

  • Return to the Dashboard that was minimized at the end of Step 1
  • Select the Basket Tester Tab

  • Select an item from one of the categories
  • Press the Test Basket button (Green Box from above screenshot).
  • Confirm the basket test returns a valid response

Step 4

If this vendor was disabled due to multiple failed orders, you will need to re-enable it.

  • Return the Store Settings page by pressing on the store name in the store settings details

  • Select the Enable/Disable Store option

  • Type a reason and then press the Enable button


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