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Dashboard Notification Banners

What are Dashboard notification banners?

We've added banner notifications to Dashboard to help easily share important announcements. This can include anything from product enhancements to service disruptions. There are four types of notifications you may see. 

What types of banners can be displayed?

  • Alert (Yellow)
    • Ex. Your store is experiencing degraded performance or slower response times
    • This information will also be posted on

  • Error (Red)
    • Ex. Your store has lost connection to Olo or a partner's service
    • This information will also be posted on
  • Info (Blue)
    • Ex. A new product update is live
    • Ex. A new DSP or third party marketplace has been added
  • Success (Green)
    • Ex. An issue has been resolved
    • Typically, this banner will be used to notify you once an alert or an error has been fixed

Removing banners from your Dashboard

If you don't want to see a message anymore, click the "X" on the right side of the banner to close it. Banners will continue to show unless you close them or until the notification's duration expires. Only one banner will show at a time.

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