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Adding Menu Notes

Brands have access to add and save menu notes at the company menu level, and this is a great way to keep track of all menu updates and changes that take place. All of the notes do need to be entered into an external document, the link for which can be entered in the company menu for quick and easy access.


Steps to access the notes tool:

1. In Menu Admin, click on "Manage Company Menu"


2. At the top right corner of the company menu, click on "Add Notes".


3. A pop-up screen should appear, with a space for entering a URL to an external document.


4. Enter the *URL to your notes document and hit "Save". 

*We currently only support cloud based documents such Google Docs or Dropbox documents



Steps to view entered notes:

1. Go into the company menu via Menu Admin.

2. Click on the "Notes" button at the top right corner.


3. The following pop-up should appear "This is an external link. Are you sure you want to open it?". Click "Ok" if you are sure that the external link is what you entered, and safe.

4. The notes document will open in a new tab.


Steps to changing the current external document to a new document:

(Note: If you remove the URL for the old document in order to add the new document, access to the old document will no longer be available from the company menu)

1. Go into the company menu through Menu Admin.

2. Click on the "Edit Notes" button on the top right corner


3. The following pop-up screen will appear, and a new URL can be entered in place of the existing one. Once done, hit "Save". 



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