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Menu Copy Tool

The menu copy tool is a simple way to duplicate the menu from an existing store for a new store.

When using the tool, all the menu settings, active products, modifiers, and pricing from the existing menu will be copied over but can be edited for the new store as needed. Since pricing will also be copied from the existing store, the new store must run a price update to ensure pricing is being pulled from the POS, if integrated. Non-integrated stores should manually double check their pricing.

For the tool to appear, the new store menu must be clean, with no menu items enabled. Be mindful when trying to manage multiple stores at a time, that none of the stores have menu items active. The key to working with the menu copy tool is starting with a clean slate. The menu of the current store will not be affected in any way by using this tool.


Steps to utilizing the copy tool:

1. Click on Manage Store Menu in Menu Admin. You will only be able to copy menus if you have access Menu Admin


2. Select the new store you would like to copy the menu to and click Next.

3. In the upper right-hand corner of the store menu, click Copy an Existing Store Menu


4. The following pop-up should appear, from which the existing store to copy the menu from can be selected (only select one store to copy from). 


5. Once the store selection has been made, click Proceed - copy store menu


6. The new store's menu should automatically be updated. Edits can be made to the new store menu as needed.

If your brand utilizes category restrictions, you may want to consider the following:

The impact of category restrictions when copying a menu can become a little confusing. If the new store already has category restrictions in place, then the copy tool will skip those categories when copying over the menu. No restrictions from the existing store will be copied over to the new store. To better explain the impact of category restrictions, please refer to the table below.

    Existing Store New Store  
Scenario Category Category Allowed Products Active Category Allowed Products Active Expected behavior with copying
1 Salads No No Yes No New store will see the salad category, but products will not be active since the existing store does not have the products active. 
2 Salads Yes No No No The salads category will not be copied over to the new store since the category is restricted for the new store, and since there are no active products in the category for the existing store.
3 Salads Yes Yes No No  An error message will pop-up saying that the menu can't be copied over to the new store due to restrictions since the current store has category and items active, but the new store does not have the permission to. The rest of the menu will be copied over to the new store except for the salads category.


Want to know more about restricting a category? Refer to this article!

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