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Silver Pro POS: Dispatch or Delivery Fees Setup in POS


Technical Teams, Account Managers, POS Administrators

Description of Issue:

There is a need to set up a charge in POS to allow Fee entry from Olo for Dispatch or Delivery Orders. The consistent External ID must be communicated to your contact at Olo to set you up for Dispatch or Delivery. Set up for a unique ID for each: Delivery Fee, Dispatch Fee, Delivery Tip, and Dispatch Tip are required. Delivery and Dispatch cannot coexist.

In Silver Pro BO, set up a Charge:

  • Name the Charge accordingly
  • Specify an external ID (Olo will use this external Charge ID to pass down the calculated or specified amount to Silver Pro.)
  • Choose "Prompt for Price at POS".
  • Select appropriate Tax for the Charge.


Silver Pro will accept the amount Olo sends for the charge on the order based on what is configured in Olo (for Delivery) or based on the quote the Dispatch Service Provider quoted through the integration.

Silver does not support the use of charges. There is a different article to support Fees for Silver.

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