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Dispatch Delivery Cancellations

To understand why a delivery was canceled, please see our overview of Dispatch cancellations reasons

What happens when a Dispatch delivery is canceled?

A Dispatch delivery could be canceled by either the store or a 3rd party Delivery Service Provider (DSP). When a delivery is canceled, the order itself is not canceled and the store will want to take measures to assign a new driver or notify the customer if their delivery can no longer be fulfilled.

The store may choose to cancel a delivery if the customer no longer wants the order delivered. Please follow the steps in our How to Cancel a Dispatch Delivery guide.

The DSP may choose to cancel a delivery if they can no longer fulfill the assignment at the desired pickup time. This could be due to various factors, such as driver shortage.

What should I do if a delivery is canceled by the driver?

The store can manually re-assign a new driver or request a refund from the DSP.

How will the store be notified of a delivery cancellation?

Olo notifies the store of Dispatch delivery cancellations through email. Upon cancellation, the store will receive an email detailing the cancellation reason and order details.

To access this, select Store Settings in Dashboard. Choose a specific store if you have access to more than one. From here, click Store Information and scroll down to the setting called Cancel Notification Emails under the Dispatch Settings. Update the addresses here to receive email notifications of driver cancellations. Be sure to click Save Store Settings before closing out of this screen to make sure the update is applied.





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