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Dispatch Cancellations Guide

A Dispatch delivery could be canceled by the customer, Delivery Service Provider (DSP), or Olo. When a delivery is canceled, the order itself is not canceled and the store will want to take measures to assign a new driver or notify the customer if their delivery cannot be fulfilled.

Additionally, the store may cancel a delivery if the customer no longer wants the order delivered.


What should I do if a delivery is canceled?

Depending on the scenario, the store should Request a New Delivery or Report a Dispatch Issue.


How will the store be notified of delivery cancelations?

Store managers receive this notification via email. To set up an address to receive delivery cancelation emails:

  1. Select Dispatch Settings in Dashboard
  2. Choose a specific store if you have access to more than one
  3. In the Cancel Notification Emails field, add addresses to receive email notifications of driver cancelations.



Why was the delivery canceled?

Below are cancelation reasons and their definitions. Cancelations can be triggered by the customer, DSP, or Olo Dispatch.

Canceled by Customer  
CustomerCanceled Customer has requested to cancel because they no longer want the order.
CustomerChangedOrder Customer has revised their order contents and a new order is created. For example, the customer has revised their order from delivery to pickup, etc.
CustomerOtherReason A customer reason other than what has been defined.
DriverMissedPickup The store location is canceling because the driver is delayed in arriving to pickup the order for delivery.
UnabletoFulfull The store location is unable to make or fulfill the order (e.g. out of stock, emergency shutdown of store for the day, etc.).
MissedDropoffTime Customer cancels because the delivery is delayed and still has not arrived.
VendorOtherReason VendorOtherReason A store location reason other than what has been defined. 


Canceled by DSP  
PickupNotReady The driver has arrived but the store location is not ready for the driver to pickup the order.
DestinationUnreachable The driver is unable to reach the customer to complete the delivery.
PackageContents The driver is able to reach the customer, but the customer has refused acceptance of the delivery. There were missing or wrong items in the delivery package.
PackageDamage The driver is able to reach the customer, but the customer has refused acceptance of the delivery. For example, the delivery package was damaged by the time it arrived to the customer destination.
IncompatibleDeliveryMode For example, the driver's delivery mode is "bike" but the driver arrives for pickup and realizes that the order is too large to be transported by bike.
DriverFailure Driver has the order but their delivery mode has failed (e.g. car mechanical issues, bike tire is flat, car accident, etc.).
ServiceOverCommitted The DSP has accepted the delivery request but now does not have sufficient drivers to assign to the delivery.
DspOtherReason A DSP reason other than what has been defined.


Canceled by Olo  
SchedulingFailure Dispatch accepted a quote for the future that could not be fulfilled at the needed time.
SystemFailure Order processing failures, such as: POS transmission failures, payment gateway failures, etc.
UnableToCreateDelivery Dispatch could not finalize the delivery with the DSP. Possible reasons include timeouts, long response times, or other validation criteria set up by the DSP.


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