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Brand Mismatch Report

The mismatch report, available within Dashboard, will help you identify any POS mapping discrepancies. To access this report you'll need Brand-level access

  • From the Dashboard homepage, navigate to the Brand category and select Brand Settings

  • At the top of the page, you'll have the option to click on the Mismatch Report tab. 

Each location that has a mismatch (since the most recent POS menu check) will appear in the report. You’ll have the ability to drill down into each vendor, while also getting an overview. The report will be updated twice a day after each price sync, and also after each manual price sync. If an item or modifier is 86'd on the store menu but it is a mismatch, that mismatch will still show on the report. Mismatching items and modifiers that are completely removed from a store menu will not show up on the mismatch report.

We encourage you to periodically check this report and fix any errors that appear so items that are not orderable get removed from the menu. Keeping your menu updated provides a much better user experience for your customers. Once you've run this report, you'll also be able to export the information in a .CSV file should you want to further manipulate the data.


How can you fix mismatches that are appearing on the report?

Refer to this article for detailed information on how you can resolve any of the mismatches you are seeing at various locations.

If you have brand-level access but don't see the option to view mismatch reports, open a ticket and our Support Team will be happy to assist you.

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