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App Store Optimization Best Practices

Below are several suggestions to help optimize your app and improve visibility on iOS and the Google Play Store. These best practices will help improve your app’s exposure but bear in mind, placement is determined by Google and Apple’s internal algorithms that are not disclosed to Olo. These suggestions focus on four key areas: identifying keywords, app title rules, promoting apps, and customer feedback.


It’s vital to understand your audience and identify keywords or phrases that users typically search. You want to make sure that users interested in your brand, or competing brands, will always see your app in their search results.

What queries will bring your customers to your app? Once you target the words driving the most traffic, incorporate them into your app title, description, and iOS “keyword” fields.


For the best results with App Store Optimization (ASO), include all the identified relevant keywords above in your title. Titles heavily impact app store search results. Keep your title short and succinct. Long titles are truncated by app stores as follows:

  • iOS:
    • 30 character limit in the store listing
    • 13 characters on your phone’s navigation menu or homepage

  • Google Play
    • 50 character limit in the store listing
    • 23 characters on your phone’s navigation menu or homepage

Increase traffic with external promotion

It is important to market direct links to your apps to your consumer base to increase your apps total page visits, drive better search results in each app store, and ultimately convert more app downloads.

Olo recommends including direct download links to your desktop homepage, desktop footer links, and mobile web menu bar. Reach out on the Olo Help Center with both app store URLs to request this update to your site.

Olo also recommends launching a marketing campaign promoting app downloads. See how a “free product when you download our app” campaign can increase overall downloads and purchases! Work with your loyalty provider to craft this campaign.

Ratings and feedback

Encourage customers who download your app to rate it and write reviews. Their messages will encourage more users to download the app and provide insights into what your brand does well or where it can improve.


Q: What changes to my Olo app require an update?

A: An update is required when changes are made to the app structure, in-app verbiage, or your app hero image. Edits to the menu on your desktop ordering site or the addition of new product/category images do not require app updates. The app automatically gets updated.

Q: How long does it take to get my app live?

A: Review this article to learn about app store approval time estimates.

Q: What’s the process for releasing our app in each store?

A: Once you submit all the necessary app assets to Olo, there’s usually a 2 week turn around for Olo to create your white label app. We will send you a screencast version of the final app to preview, request any edits, and approve. Once it is approved, Olo can submit your app to the app store will a specified release date or an immediate release date.

Interested in learning more? Check out these ASO guides for the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store.

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