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Aloha POS: Error 28 - (0xC0068028) - Modifier not allowed for parent item


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Description of Issue:

Error 28 - (0xC0068028) - Aloha responds with a failed order with this error:

"Error Details: Error adding item '12345-' to check with id 22020115 - System.Runtime.InteropServices.COMException (0xC0068028): Exception from HRESULT: 0xC0068028


Modifier not allowed for parent item



Technical Explanation: This issue is caused by Olo attempting to commit an order that has a modifier to POS that is not actually assigned to that item within POS. POS is saying that it does not understand the link between the item and the attempted modifier.


To address this, confirm the configuration in POS matches what is mapped in Olo.



  1. Confirm the Modifier is in CFC>Maintenance>Menu>Items
  2. Confirm the Modifier is in the Mod Group in CFC>Maintenance>Menu>Modifiers
  3. Make note of the Min/Max settings in CFC>Maintenance>Menu>Modifiers
  4. Confirm the parent Item has the Mod Group linked to it in CFC>Maintenance>Menu>Items
  5. Confirm all of the above are visibly present in your local %iberdir%\data\itm.dbf, mod.dbf/modext.dbf (for Aloha 14.1+).
    • It is possible for the item to be in CFC but not in the dbf due to a failed data Refresh or hierarchies in Aloha.
  6. Confirm the mapping is correct in the Olo Company Menu.The following are things to check for:
    • if the Mod ID has a typo
    • if the Mod Group ID has a typo
  7. Confirm that the maximum allowance on the Choice Group in Olo does not exceed the Max in CFC>Maintenance>Menu>Modifiers
  8. Contact your DBA or reseller to edit the POS configuration if you are not sure how to follow the Solution above in CFC (Steps 1-5).

  9. Edit the mapping in Olo if you find that the Modifier is mapped incorrectly.

  10. Edit the Choice Group where you can indicate that the guest can choose a "Single" or "Multiple" choices from the Olo Modifier Choice Group.

  11. Contact your brand's Administrator if you are having trouble with Steps 6-10.


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