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Release Notes - February 20, 2018



Brands can now manage their 'Thank you' instructions by handoff mode for each store


The 'Billed Orders' report in Dashboard is now called the 'Placed Orders' report


When an order is manually fired and checked in, it will now be closed automatically after the estimated make time duration has passed


Added new OloCloud configuration option for brands utilizing the /eightsix endpoint that allows you to specify one POS authority for 86/68 availability commands


Aloha: Updated basket details to prevent special instructions for one item from being included on other items in the same order


Aloha: Now offers optional setting to add spacing to receipts for improved readability


Orders paid by credit card now capture a customer’s billing address

Bug Fixes:


Fixed a bug so that now the 'Loyalty Discount' column in Dashboard reports accurately reflects discounts


Relevant users are now able to redeem rewards for multiple copies of the same reward in their account


Fixed a bug that would split up one option group into multiple groups during menu imports


Mobile Web v2: Fixed an issue where users were sent to a 404 error page after entering their location information while searching for a store


Mobile Web v2: Fixed an issue where social integrations were not hidden properly on post-checkout pages if a brand opted to hide it

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