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POS Integration: Upgrade the local service agent for the integration


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Description of issue:

How do I upgrade the version of my Olo integration agent at select stores or all stores for my brand?


The solution is to set the override version in the Olo Dashboard. The Olo Updater Service that is running on your BOH will read this default and handle the upgrade on your local POS system. 

Steps to implement:

Step 1

Login to the Olo Dashboard

Step 2

Select the Brand Menu on the left side of the screen:



Step 3

Select POS Version Mgmt:


Details about this screen:

Step 4

Check the “Set Override” Box next to the location(s) that you want to change the version of the Olo POS Interface.

Step 5

Select the version that you want to change to.

Step 6

Press “confirm” after you select the version.



  • Test version in lab before implementing it in a store. 
  • The process is the same for all server based agents, but the POS name will change.
  • This does not include Cloud POS Systems.
  • To change for all stores for the brand after successfully testing in your lab/or pilot stores, you can edit the "Default Version". Then, follow the prompts.
  • This will take your stores offline momentarily so it is recommended you do this during a slow time of day or after business hours.

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