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Skip the Line® Trademark Usage Guide

These guidelines are for Olo customers and partners wishing to use “Skip The Line®” in promotional, advertising, or instructional materials, websites, apps, packaging, labels, and products. This mark is reserved for use exclusively by our customers and partners as indicated in Olo’s service agreement.

Brands wishing to utilize this mark should follow these guidelines:

  • Use of “Skip the Line” must include the registered trademark symbol (®) to the right adjacent to the words or artwork when SKIP THE LINE is used in association with mobile ordering software and mobile apps. In other instances, use should include the symbol TM, meaning the trademark is not yet registered for use in that context.

  • Use the trademark as a tagline or an adjective, and not as a command within a sentence. Always avoid use of the mark in a descriptive manner.

  • While there are no specific size or display guidelines, the registered mark must be at clear visible size in print or digital display.

  • No footer or attribution beyond the reserved symbol is required.



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