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Aloha POS: Self-Delivery Fee Setup Options


Technical Teams, Account Managers, Product Development, and Brand Managers

Description of issue

There are two different ways that Olo can send Delivery Fees down to Aloha POS. This article is to define those options to assist the DBA on the brand side with the setup in POS. This is for "Own Fleet Delivery" and is not applicable to Dispatch. 


Method 1: Service Charge via Order Mode

Use an order mode set up just like the pickup Order Mode that is setup initially for Olo

Additional Configurations are as follows:

  • Add what Aloha calls a "Service Charge" to this new Order Mode
    • Service Charge as a set fee per order
      • assuming a delivery fee of $5.00 per delivery in Olo, the Service Charge should be added to the Order Mode as $5.00
    • Service Charge as a set fee + tax per order
      • Assuming a delivery fee of $5.00 per delivery in Olo, the Service Charge should be added to the Order Mode as $5.00
      • If there is a need to charge tax on that $5.00 fee <say 10%>, then the Service Charge in POS will be set as $5.00 and be flagged as taxable.
        • Expected behavior will be that on the Olo side that delivery fee will be set as  *no tax* at a value of $5.50
        • Olo cannot pass down Service Charge tax to Aloha thru Aloha Connect so this is the workaround to use service charge + tax
        • The Service Charge will be passed down to POS
        • Reporting will look slightly skewed as it relates to the tax portion

          Olo delivery Fee will look like $5.50 and we will gather payment for $5.50 from the guest.

          The Order will go to the POS and the Order Mode will parse out the Service Charge ($5.00) and the tax (.50). However, the total in the POS will match the $5.50 we collected payment for.


Method 2: Delivery Fee via Memo Item 

Use a Memo Item set up as a copy of the Aloha Memo Item that was setup initially for Olo

  • This item is often referred to by Aloha users as an "open item"
  • For use with "tiered delivery fees" in Olo.

Additional configurations

  • Name it 'Delivery Fee'
  • Set up Tax on the Memo Item as is appropriate for the store
    • When this option is used, taxing can be handled on the Olo side when setting up your Delivery Fee and that will be sent to the POS using the Memo Item
    • This Fee will live in the body of the guest check that Aloha prints after the commitment to POS

Steps to implement

1) Setup method 1 or 2 according to your operational and reporting preferences and refresh data in Aloha POS

2) Contact Olo with your preference and the following (respectively)

  • Method 1: ID for your new Order Mode

  • Method 2: ID for your new Memo Item

3) The Olo team will configure the ID on our side

4) Setup your Delivery Fees in Dashboard


Caveats and related articles

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