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Standing Orders

Please note: This feature is for Switchboard only. If you need this feature enabled, please send a ticket to

What are Standing Orders?

Switchboard agents can create Standing Orders that allow a customer to have the same order repeat at regular intervals for a specific period of time. For example, a customer can have the exact same order placed weekly on Mondays for the next 12 weeks.

A brand can decide the number of days prior to Order Time Wanted that Olo will create the order and fire it to the POS. If you need to adjust the Order Generation Lead Time for your stores, please reach out to


How to Create a Standing Order

  1. A Switchboard agent will populate the order basket per instruction of the customer.
  2. When prompted to confirm a date and time for the order, the Switchboard agent will request whether the customer would like to Create Standing Order template.

  3. The Switchboard agent will create the Standing Order based on the customer's specifications: order name, frequency, time wanted, start date, end date, and any exceptions.
    • Note: The Switchboard agent should inform the customer if a Standing Order cannot repeat on a future date (i.e. due to holiday or store closures).

  4. The Switchboard agent will collect a payment method for the Standing Order, which will be the payment method for all recurring orders in that template.


Editing and Ad Hoc Orders

Customers can call a Switchboard agent to make adjustments to a Standing Order template or place an order for a day outside of their scheduled orders.

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