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How to Cancel a Dispatch Delivery

To cancel a delivery follow the below navigation path:

  • From the Dashboard navigate to the Orders section

  • Enter the order number in question. This will take you to the Order Details section 

  • Select Other Actions and then choose the Cancel Delivery option

When using the Cancel Delivery option for Dispatch orders, the Dashboard will attempt to make a delivery cancellation request to the Delivery Service Provider (DSP). Dashboard will inform the user if the DSP was able to successfully cancel the delivery or if the request was rejected.

Depending on the DSP and where the driver is in their delivery route, a cancellation penalty may be charged.

If there are multiple deliveries for a specific order, the user will be asked to specify the delivery to be canceled. See screenshot above.  You will also find additional choices in the dropdown menu for the “Select Reason” field, that pertain to the delivery experience.

Note: The Cancel Delivery option does not refund the customer’s order. The Dashboard user will need to use the Refund Order button or Adjust Subtotal task to refund the customer. Additionally, ASAP deliveries cannot be canceled.




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