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Disable a Delivery Service Provider for Store

Olo gives you the ability to disable/block DSPs (Delivery Service Providers) at the store level from Dashboard. Your brand has approved providers that can be used for deliveries. Through Dashboard you also have the option to exclude certain DSPs from providing deliveries at your discretion. When a DSP is blocked for your store, that DSP will be disabled from receiving delivery quotes, and will be unable to provide delivery fulfillment. 


Key Considerations

Please note that restricting a DSP may affect your available delivery area. If only one provider covers your store, we encourage you to pause Dispatch at your store entirely. Your customers will still see Dispatch as an available handoff mode for your store although no 3rd party delivery providers will be available.


Steps for Blocking a DSP

  1. From the Dashboard homepage select Store Setting and then select Store Information

  2. Scroll down to Dispatch Settings section

  3. In the Blocklisted Delivery Providers section, choose the DSP you would like to block from the dropdown list

  4. Click Save Store Settings




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