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Silver / Silver Pro POS: 86ing Items in POS for Olo


Technical Teams, Account Managers, POS Administrators

Description of Issue:

There is a need to control the availability of items from POS to be properly reflected on Olo.

From Silver Pro BO, navigate to your item and deselect the flag "POS Active". When cleared, the item is not orderable on the FOH or via the API (Olo).  This will be used by Olo to 86 items and is communicated via the API in real-time.

Important NOTE:

Users should NOT use the 86 button in Olo Menu Admin (hidden for some users) to 86 items. Please only use your POS. If you use the 86 button in Olo Menu Admin and the item is still marked as available in your POS, at the next automatic price update NCR Silver will tell Olo to mark the item as available. 

As an example, in the below screenshot the user used the 86 button in Olo Menu Admin to mark four menu items as 86ed. When the price updater ran, however, NCR Silver told Olo to update the availability to True, which means the items are no longer 86ed. The screenshot below shows the what the user would see after the price updater runs.  


Silver Pro Restaurant Notes

SPRE has a feature in the FOH on POS that allows you to go to a FOH menu and set a count to 10 that will count down. This will NOT pass down thru the API. Not currently widely used, so there is no current effort to pass thru the API from Silver Pro. Therefore, use of this feature will not cause items to be 86'd in Olo.

"Make available online" is no longer relevant to online ordering




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