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XPIENT/IRIS: Discounts for Olo Coupons


Technical Teams, Customer Success Specialists, Client's POS programmer  


As an Olo client, you want to offer discounts to your guests on online orders.  Creating an online coupon is documented here


The solution is to create the discount in IRIS to use as the POS Reference for the Olo coupon.


Step 1

Login to EDM or the IRIS Shell, and access the Discount Editor.

Step 2

Select the Add New button to create a new Discount, and the following screen will appear.

Step 3

On the screen above, either use the automatically generated discount code or enter an unused discount code taking note of the number. Enter a Description for the Discount, and select Discount as the Discount Type.

Check all three options: Available for Line Level Discounts, Available for Order Level Discounts, and Hide Discount From POS Discount List (unless the new discount needs to be available on the Discount list in POS).

Step 4

Once the fields are filled out Page 1, press next to go to Page 2 like the screenshot below.

Choose either Fixed Dollar, Fixed Percent, or Variable Dollar under the Discount Calculation option.

Set the Security Level to the desired level. The Security Level will need to be low enough for the xsPOSServer user to apply the discount.

If using a Fixed Dollar or Percent Discount, set the values to be discounted under the Currency Rate or Percent Rate fields.

Set the Method to Manual.

Set all other desired settings in this screen, but be aware that if the discount is rejected because of one of these settings, the user will not be aware of why the discount was not allowed.

Step 5

Once the fields are completed on Page 2, press next to continue to Page 3 like the screenshot below.

Leave the Scope set to No Criteria, as the criteria will be set in the Dashboard. If you set criteria that restrict the discount from being applied to an order, the customer will not know why the discount was not applied.

Step 6

Once all of the fields in Page 3 are set, press next to proceed to Page 4 like the screenshot below.

We recommend that the availability days/hours not be restricted since the dates can be managed in the Dashboard.

Step 7

When creating your coupon in the Olo Dashboard, add a c before the POS Reference ID, like in the below image.


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