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What is OloCloud?


OloCloud allows Olo to setup a POS integration for brands who are using a POS system that Olo has not integrated to directly. For POS systems that Olo currently doesn’t integrate to, we can allow them to build to our API and enable online ordering as well as access to our other products. Olo will output all order data in a standard format, sent to standardized integration endpoints implemented by the POS provider “in the Cloud,” so that Olo orders can be translated to a particular POS system format and injected from the Cloud to the POS.


When is it used?

When Olo doesn’t already integrate with your chosen POS company, OloCloud will provide you API specs to build to the Olo system. In addition, if you are using an internal POS, OloCloud allows you to build to our system. Olo does not need to have a previous integration with the POS to connect using OloCloud.


How does it work?

Olo will provide documentation describing how to build to the OloCloud API. The brand and POS company then work together to build to the API. Olo will communicate instructions, input configurations, test the integration, and assist with troubleshooting throughout the process. Olo will also provide technical support from an engineering team to certify and advance OloCloud projects to completion within the Olo specifications.


What are the benefits?

OloCloud allows the POS to build to our API in whatever way works best for them. It can be completely personalized for the brand. All POS systems will work with OloCloud regardless of integration work done with Olo previously. The integration can also be applied to different brands once it is complete. It's also a “battle-tested” integration with many Olo brands using OloCloud to enable online ordering. All enhancements made to OloCloud work with all brands using it, and we will provide API specs for those enhancements.


What is the certification process?

Once we’ve tested the integration in our test environment, we’ll connect you with a developer who will approve the integration for testing in our production environment. You will be provided with updates and support to troubleshoot any large-scale issues before moving on. This process can take up to 2 weeks and must be completed before larger-scale testing is made on the production environment.


Requirements of OloCloud

  • Signature validation
  • HTTPS endpoint
  • Menu item data updates
  • Basket/order validation
  • Ordering
  • Health check
  • Pricing check


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