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Switching Olo Environments – POS Integrations + SSOS


Technical Teams, Account Managers, Product Development


1. Person must have an active "clearance verified" Dashboard user to perform these tasks on the target environment (CSM, Deployment Manager or Help Team can assist with this).
2. POS Configurations must be imported from the functioning Olo environment to the target environment. Submit this form to have this step completed in preparation for your lab redirect.


Often, a Brand or a third party will need to test features in Olo with other software in an environment that is not our Production or “Live” environment. In order to use a physical Client owned lab for this, there are edits to the install of the Olo Agent (Olo Service) that is installed on the lab. This allows the same physical lab to point to a different endpoint in the “Oloverse”. This is relative to Traditional POS systems that have an agent installed on their BOH. Instructions will vary for Cloud POS Systems.



To edit the Olo config file to get the lab redirected to the intended environment endpoint.


Step 1


  1. Configure the safelist for the environment. These URLs or FQDNs should be provided by your Olo Specialist.
  2. Olo Specialist set up a Dashboard User for the brand team member that will be switching the environment.
  3. Olo Specialist to create the lab on the Olo side for the environment to be used
  4. Olo TAM to import the POS Configs from Production as is applicable.

Step 2

New Brand User will use the link in the received invite email, log into the Dashboard for the environment the service is being redirected to. 

Use the Sandbox Dashboard  when setting up a redirect to Olo's Sandbox environment. 


Step 3

Brand's Technical Contact will move vendor to Staging, Sandbox or QA for testing


  • On the POS Server in the store/lab, stop both Olo Services in service.msc
  • Navigate to C:\Program Files (x86)\Olo\Olo Integration Service 1.0\OLOXXXX via Windows Explorer (XXXX= relevant POS)
  • Make a copy of the config file and rename it.
    • Suggest using a pattern such as OLOXXXXService.exe.Live.Config for future use when switching back to Olo Production.
  • Edit the existing OLOXXXX.exe.Config file in text editor to redirect it to the new endpoint. 
    • Edit any instance of to, where X= the desired Olo environment name:
    • Change the Username value within the quotation marks “xxxxxxxx” to match the username from the new environment/vendor in Dashboard 
    • Change the Password value within the quotation marks“yyyyyyyy“ to match the newly generated password from the new environment/vendor in Dashboard         
  • Save this file as “OLOXXXX.exe.Config” (see Caveats for SSOS)
  • Restart the Olo Services via services.msc
  • Confirm the vendor is online and connected in the Olo environment via the Dashboard.


Step 4 (optional)

When needed, reverse the process to redirect lab to Olo Production.


  • Stop the Olo Services via services.msc
  • Rename the existing config file you used to point to Staging, Sandbox, QA, etc. from OLOXXXXService.exe.Config to OLOXXXXService.exe.Staging.Config (name the environment here)
  • Rename the OLOXXXXService.exe.Live.Config to OLOXXXXService.exe.Config


It’s a good checkpoint to open the config file you renamed and confirm that the endpoints are pointing at the environment you are moving to.

  • Start the Olo Services via services.msc

  • Confirm the vendor is online and connected in the Olo environment via the Dashboard.


  • For SSOS (non-integrated) - the file location is C:\Program Files (x86)\Olo\Olo POS Service 1.0\OloPosService and the config file name is OLOPosService.exe.config.
  • User performing the password reset must have an account in the desired Olo environment, i.e., Olo Sandbox or Olo Staging.
  • Vendor in the desired environment must have all POS Configuration values completed to match the production vendor.


Keywords: username, password, login, create an account, test environment, redirect, staging, sandbox, ODE, endpoint, QA, move lab


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