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Generating Passwords for Stores (Vendors)

When installing local Olo Services, there should be a password generated from the Dashboard in order to complete the install via the .msi or .exe. 

Note: Contact Olo if you do not have the ability to generate or reset a password. Do not perform a password reset while the Vendor's local Olo Services are started. They must be stopped or you will get errors.

*** This is not to be used to reset the Dashboard user access. This is only relevant for the local install of the Olo Agent on the Windows computer that is the server for the POS System.***



1. Login to the Dashboard

2. Navigate to Store Settings

3) Select the store you'll be setting the password for then click the green Confirm Store Selection button

4. Select POS Settings

5 Select Reset Password

6. Make note of the username

7. Click on Generate a New Password then follow the prompts

8. Use the Username (Step 6) and Password (Step 7) during installation.

Note: Do not confuse the Olo Username and Password with the Windows Administrator Account Username and Password during the install.

More detail on step 6: The username for the installation of the Olo service agent is not the same as your individual Dashboard account. There is a specific user (shown above as POS:Username) that the Olo Agent uses when it is running on the local server to identify the store to Olo. This is not related to a human user, though you do need a Dashboard account with proper access to generate this POS Password that is associated with the POS Username.

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