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Aloha POS: Quick Glance - Best Practices & Requirements


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This article lists a quick glance at the requirements & best practices for our Integrated > Aloha POS Solution. This is intended to be a living article in which updates are expected as technology changes and as new learnings occur. We do not claim that this is comprehensive or final for every environment, rather, it is a standard list that applies in most scenarios. (R)denotes a requirement / (BP) denotes a best practice. Additionally, there are links to relevant documents within this list.


(R) Aloha Connect and 1 EIT specific to Olo must be enabled on your Aloha Security Key License.

(R) 4GB+ RAM to support the OS, Aloha POS, additional programs and Olo with 5Gb+ of free disk space.

(R) Physical Aloha POS System must have at least 1 physical Order Entry Terminal to serve as master and cannot be an all-in-one BOH/FOH setup.

(BP) Olo recommends a PCI Compliant OS and balance with other software program specifications.


(R) Allow outbound HTTP(S) connections to on port 443.

(R) Allow outbound TCP connections to our hostnames on port 9292.

(R) These connections are long-running and must be allowed to run indefinitely.

(R) Whitelist the following FQDN host names and ports:

                           (port 443)
                           (port 9292)
                           (port 9292)
                           (port 9292)
                           (port 9292)
                           (port 9292)

Configuration and Versions

(R) Aloha POS or higher (End of Life, but Olo orders can be sent to Aloha).

(R) Configuration Center for multiple stores.

(R) Standardized database with consistent record ID's across stores.

(R) OloUpdate Service needs administrative privileges to run local updates (N/A for Aloha 15.1+).

(R) OloAlohaService has administrative privileges for launching Iber and local registration on boot up.

(BP) OloAlohaService needs R/W access to bootdrv on FOH terminals to pull debouts for troubleshooting (N/A for Aloha 15.1+).

(BP) User that Cltsvr is using and should be set to not allow local login in the Local Policy.

(BP) Ctlsvr should not be logging on with Localsystem in standard scenarios (discuss with TAM).

(R) Unique Interface Server, Interface Terminal records configured in Aloha POS.

(R) Interface Employee must be setup within Aloha with an Olo relative Job Code, Access Level.

(R) ATO > Maintenance > Takeout Configuration > Takeout System Parameters

configured to not start POS Interface / not be Master Capable.

(R) Any application that launches iber(qs) on the BOH should have launch command disabled.

(R) With ATG enabled, edit ATG\Bin\AlohaTransactionGateway.exe.config to include the  "SkipLogOut" values (ATG 14.1.361+).

(BP) For integrated catering,use bulk items in the POS database on a catering menu to avoid maximum check item count in Aloha POS.


Last updated 11/17/17

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