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Fraud Prevention Best Practices

To help fight fraudulent orders and mitigate potential chargebacks, here are some best practices for your brand and stores to utilize:

  • Review reporting every 24 hours to be proactive and catch any double charges or incorrect charges that could result in a chargeback.
  • Ask your payment processor for a list of chargeback codes (e.g. there are several different codes ranging from “the customer isn't happy,” to “the customer doesn't recognize the debit on their bank statement”.
  • Make sure your batch is closed every 24 hours (e.g. a customer might see a debit for their purchase on a separate day and think it's an incorrect charge).
  • Ask for the customer's i.d. or card (compare last 4 digits) upon order pickup.
  • Don’t take a payment over the phone for an order that's been declined online.
  • Request that your payment processor support AVS/CVV verification (e.g. Verifies that the three-digit code on the back of the card is correct).
  • Block orders that have resulted in a chargeback to your organization through Shield on the Dashboard.
  • Ensure you have Shield enabled at your stores, more information can be found through our Help Center.
  • Ask your payment processor about resources to help combat chargebacks and learn about Retrieval Requests (e.g. When the card issuing bank wants verification of the purchase vs. issuing a chargeback and debiting the merchant)
  • Cancel and refund orders that aren't picked up by the customer.


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