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Toast POS: Enabling Toast Configurations for Olo

In order for Olo to perform Basket testing, or send orders, there are 2 configuration settings that need to be created and enabled for API in Toast. Those 2 configuration settings are: Dining Option, Other Payment Option.

Below is a screenshot of how to navigate to the Dining Option setting:

Select Dining Options and it will show the screen below:

If the desired Dining Option is not already set up, it will need to be created by pressing the '+' below the Dining Options. Once the Dining Option is created, press the Check Mark under API to make it available for online ordering.

The other setting needed for online ordering is Other Payment Option, which can be found from the Home screen in the screenshot below:

Select Other Payment Options, and it will show the screen below:

If the desired Payment Option has not been added, it will need to be added using the '+' button. 

Once these settings are added, please notify Olo so that they can be updated per location for testing.



Once you have completed this configuration please use this form to send the configuration information to your Olo POS Specialist. 

Toast Configuration for Olo Form

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