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Upsell Tool

Through Olo, you can suggest items to upsell based on what a customer has in their cart. With our upsell logic, we look for the absence of items and if that item (or a group of items) isn't in the customer's cart, we suggest that as an add-on. Customers will be presented with upsell items when they click on "Proceed to Checkout".

As an example, you can create the following:

1. Upsell group called Beverages with the following items:

  • Fresh Squeezed Lemonade
  • China Mist Iced Tea

2. Upsell group called Desserts with the following item:

  • Cinnamon Sugar Snack

If a customer does not have any of the above items in their basket, from either the Beverages group or the Desserts group, the customer will be asked if they want to add any of those items as they proceed to checkout. If the customer did have a China Mist Iced Tea in their cart, for example, then the customer wouldn't see any beverage upsells at all since they already have an item from that group in their cart, and they will only see the dessert group.


Additional Information on Upsells

  • All items that you would like to upsell need to be built out on the Olo Company Menu. Items that do not exist on the Olo Company Menu cannot be added to the upsell tool.

  • Items that are added as upsells cannot have any required modifiers, since the upsell pop-up does not support any customization. The upsell tool will only display the item itself, and none of the modifiers under the item, and therefore an item cannot be made available for upsell if it has any required modifiers. However, if there is a required modifier group under an upsell item with preselected choices that meet the modifier requirements, then you could add the item to the upsell since the required modifiers are preselected anyway.

  • Another important note is that upsells are set up at the brand level, meaning you can't upsell different items at different locations within your brand. We do, however, check to see if an item is on that store's menu before upselling it to the customer. Using the above example, if a store does not carry the China Mist Iced Tea, the customer would only see Fresh Squeezed Lemonade as an upsell. 

  • When a customer picks an item from the upsell tool to add to their order, they will see a quantity field show up, which they can use to specify the quantity of the item they would like to add to their order.

How to Implement

Ready to get upsells added to your ordering experience? Submit a request with the below information:

  • Brand name
  • Name(s) of Upsell Group
  • Item(s) that should be added to each Upsell Group 
  • An image (if desired) to be shown on all Upsell pop-ups with the below specs:
    • Accepted file types: .png
    • Recommended dimensions: 300x189px
    • Required resolution: 72px
    • Background must be transparent


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