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Delivery Fee Tiers Overview

Dashboard now offers the ability to set tiered delivery fees for in-house delivery. You can configure fee tiers based on order subtotal. This will let you control what the end customer pays based on how much they spend.

  • Fixed Fee: Specify a fixed fee (e.g. $10) to be charged to the end customer
    • Example: $10 will always show up to the customer during checkout
  • Percentage Fee: Charge delivery fee based on the percent value (e.g. 10%) of order subtotal
    • Example: An order subtotal of $45 will be charged a delivery fee of $4.50 if the fee percentage is 10%

Setup Process

  1. Login to the Dashboard at

  2. Navigate to Settings and select your store

  3. Click on Delivery Settings

  4. Delivery Settings section will pop up

  5. Now, if you have delivery enabled you will see a section in the bottom with delivery tiers; otherwise you need to have the 'Delivery Enabled' slider showing 'Yes' to see delivery fee tiers.

  6. You can define the minimum and maximum order subtotals for each tier and also set the fee strategy described above individually for the tiers.

    To add a new tier, click on the '+' icon

    Single Fee Tier:

    Multiple Fee Tiers:


If you are having trouble setting up these tiers please submit a support ticket and our team will be happy to help you fix the issue.


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