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Aloha POS: Error 01 - (0xC0068001) - Error trying to login to Aloha


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Description of Issue:

Error 01 - (0xC0068001) - Error trying to login to Aloha that happens when Iber(qs) is trying to start per OloAlohaService's instruction to start:

2017-10-24 08:40:46.4594|2017-10-24 12:40:46.4594|WARN|Error trying to login to Aloha System.Runtime.InteropServices.COMException (0xC0068001): Exception from HRESULT: 0xC0068001

Technical Explanation:

This issue is rooted in Aloha's need for Iber to load and register all applications. Just as a physical terminal requires local exes and dlls in order to load these applications, the interface terminal needs them too.  The root of this error is difficult to isolate because there is no UI for the interface terminal. Therefore, the answer is usually located in the debout that is named with the ID of the interface server that is configured in Aloha.    From what we have observed, there are typically a few reasons this error may occur:

*** This is not an exhaustive list of root causes. If none of these solves your issue, you will need to seek support from your POS help desk as they are in a better position to troubleshoot your environment.***

  1. The terminal needs longer to boot Iber due to physical environmental conditions. 
  2. Prerequisites for intercepts need to be fulfilled or corrected.
    • The files do not exist on the Alohaboh machine that are needed for intercepts, which means the prerequisites are missing.
    • Prerequisites exist where they should, but there is some local resource impeding access to the files, i.e., Windows permissions, RAM is at capacity, flaky network, other erroneous network issue interfering with Aloha's communication. 
      • Example of Intercept Prerequisites: 

Note: The values above are informational in nature only and may not be the specific values used for a particular vendor. Because of this, copy and pasting from this article should not be used.


Address the impediment to the loading of the prerequisites so that Iber(qs) can boot up completely and quickly. Attempt to resolve with the Steps listed below in the order provided.


1) Reboot server. If not resolved, move to step 2.

2) Request that IberLaunchWaitTimeSeconds be changed from the default of 30 seconds to 60 seconds via for the affected location. If not resolved, move to step 3.

  • This will allow 30 more seconds for Iber to attempt to boot up in your environment

3) By process of elimination, determine which intercept may not have the prerequisites met. 

Contact reseller if you need assistance with this process of elimination.

  • Stop OloAlohaService, OloUpdate Service, and confirm Iber(qs) is not running in Task Manager.
  • Make a backup of the %iberdir%\data\Aloha.ini file in a safe location.
  • Edit %iberdir%\data\Aloha.ini (from example above) to remove the named CLSIDs (intercepts)
  •   Save, restart the OloAlohaService and watch Iber(qs) come up. 
  •   Stop OloAlohaService, OloUpdate Service, and confirm Iber(qs) is not running in Task Manager.
  •   Edit %iberdir%\data\Aloha.ini (from example above) to add back ONE of the named CLSIDs (intercepts)
  • Save, restart the OloAlohaService and watch to see if Iber(qs) comes up. 
  • Repeat process until you find which intercept is missing or cannot access the pre-requisite. As stated before, these can often also be identified in the associated interface server debout. This will likely be listed within the 10-15 lines above the line that looks similar to: 

Oct 24, 11:06:16.270803, [4324], [INFO], [Startup], "ENVIRONMENT START"


These steps are intended for application by a technical resource that has a deep understanding of how Aloha communicates and is staged. Please share this article with your POS technical support team for application so that there are not any permanent changes accidentally made to your POS system.




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