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Price Copying in Menu Admin


For stores who don't have POS integrated pricing (ex. stores using SSOS) making updates across all products and/or modifiers in Menu Admin becomes a burdensome exercise. This becomes even more time consuming if you have to make all of the updates at once across all stores in real time for a price shift or in separate actions store by store.

The ‘Copy Prices’ feature allows you to apply pricing from one store to other stores. In order to get access to this feature you will need to open a support ticket and our team will help you get started. Once enabled, the ‘Copy Prices’ button will appear in Menu Admin.

Using the 'Copy Prices' feature

Clicking on “Copy Prices” will prompt you to select a source store (the store that you want to copy the prices FROM).

Once selected, you will be able to pick the “target store(s)”. These are the stores that you want to copy the prices TO.

An “are you sure” prompt will display and clicking yes will start the process. This will be followed by the below message.

Depending on the size of the menus, and the number of locations you select, the timeframe for completing the job could vary. The status will move from “in progress” to “done” or “failed” once completed.

You’ll also be able to download a results file showing any unmatched products and modifiers. This report is used to let you know which items on a TARGET menu did not get an updated price, because there was no active item on the SOURCE menu to copy from. These items may need to be manually priced.

If the SOURCE menu has items that are not on the TARGET menu, there will be no price copied (since the menu item is not on the target store menu), but it will not appear in the mismatch report since there is no follow up action required.

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