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Google Tag Manager

What is Google Tag Manager?

Google Tag Manager (GTM) is a free tool provided by Google that allows you to deploy various types of code (and define rules for tracking events and firing event codes) on your Olo-based ordering site since Olo cannot manually implement these pixels, snippets, or tags for you.

How does Google Tag Manager work with Olo?

We need your GTM container ID (GTM-xxxxx) to ingest into our system. From there we will be able to inject this code onto all of your brand's specific non-sensitive pages so that anything you add via this container gets added to Olo.

Olo supports GTM on the following Olo pages: 

  • Desktop: All pages EXCEPT:
    • Checkout
    • My Account
  • Mobile Web: All pages EXCEPT:
    • Checkout
    • Sign Up
    • Login
    • Reset Password
    • Forgot Password
    • My Account / My Account-Change Password 

What is Olo’s responsibility in regards to GTM?

While we are happy to host your GTM code on your site to help achieve your digital marketing goals and provide you setup instructions, Olo is not a Google Analytics affiliate, nor are we affiliated with any other digital marketing analytics platforms. 

Additionally, it is our brand's responsibility to ensure PCI Compliance if choosing to use Google Tag Manager or any other type of analytics codes with Olo.  


Olo recommendations for GTM

It is best practice not to use tags that require jQuery. Please make sure that your analytics tags use  `document.querySelector` instead. Otherwise, jQuery will need to be loaded by Google Tag Manager before your custom tags run. Please see the following article if you would like additional information regarding loading jQuery via Google Tag Manager:

Partners who can help

Because we are not experts or consultants for how to best manage your GTM, we partnered with a digital marketing agency, Empirical Path, that has specific knowledge for how to maximize GTM and other digital marketing opportunities on our platform. Please note that Empirical Path is an independent operator that will negotiate its own contractual terms and costs. 


Empirical Path audits, fixes, and enhances measurement of restaurants’ online ordering systems in partnership with Olo. Using Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Segment, Adobe Analytics, and other tools, they ensure your campaigns and promotions get credit for digital orders and that checkout processes are tracked accurately. They have worked with several Olo brands to reach their digital marketing goals and improve analytics.  

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