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Store Level Menu Search [With Video]

The Search Menus Tool is a great feature for searching through a store menu for products, modifier groups, and modifier choices to then easily perform functions such as adding, removing, and 86'ing.


Feature Overview

Menu managers will see two new options in the vendor level menu admin:

  • Search Menus
  • Reindex Menus

Before you search a menu, you need to click the Reindex Menus button. Reindex Menus creates a fresh index of the company menu and store menu linkages in order to facilitate the search. It takes a few seconds to run on the larger menus. We have automatic re-indexing built in, but you may want to reindex the menu if any major menu updates have occurred recently.

If you run the reindex and open the search before the reindex completes, you will see a notification. If you close and open the search interface again, this notification will disappear when the reindex has completed, and you will see a timestamp (in UTC time) for when the last reindex occurred.

Search Menus opens up a new interface that allows you to do text-based searching against menu items for all selected stores.


Searching Menus

The search interface is designed to give you several filters to find the items you need to perform an action on, including:

  • Menu Item type (Products, Modifier Groups, Options)
  • Active vs Inactive Items
  • 86ing Status (since 86ing/68ing is a common use case for search)

For Modifier Groups and Options, there is a checkbox for Include results only when parent item is active. This means that if the product is not on the menu, the search results will not return modifier groups or options linked to that product -- since they are not very relevant. For most uses cases, you will want this checked.


Example Search Results

In the below example, a user is searching for any active options (also known as modifiers) that contains the text "mushroom". From there, the user can easily see which items use those options and perform actions such as removing and 86ing. 

All option choices that match the text “mushroom” throughout the menu will be returned, along with the exact path that brings an ordering customer to that option. Each step in the path, such as the “Choose your Steak Toppings” group highlighted in red above, can be clicked to navigate to the full group.

Action buttons for Add/Remove/86ing are available for each choice returned. This allows a menu admin user to take action across several modifier groups without having to traverse all of those groups in separate steps.

Better yet, when options are shared between products, the user has the ability to apply the change to other products or not (same as in menu admin).

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