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Dispatch (DSP) Refund Guidelines

In order to ensure the quickest possible resolution for Dispatch delivery support tickets, we suggest submitting all tickets within 14 days from the time of the delivery date. This will help us process your request faster and pass it to your Delivery Service Provider (DSP) to resolve the issue. The 14 day window is highly recommended because DSPs are able to process tickets received within this time frame the fastest. After 14 days, DSPs do not always have the required driver data making it more time consuming to process refunds.

We've added a note about the 14 day window in two places on Dashboard:

  • Clicking the tool tip above the Report Dispatch Issue button under Dispatch Detailwill display the message
  • Once clicking Report Dispatch Issue, you'll be taken to the issue submission page where the note will again be displayed below the Issue Description box



If you have any additional questions please submit a ticket on the Help Center.

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