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Temporarily pause Dispatch service

Stores can now pause Dispatch if the brand had previously turned it on. This can be helpful when you have internet connectivity issues or have to close your store for unforeseen reasons. Follow the steps below to access the settings in your Dashboard account.

1) Navigate to the Dashboard at

2) Click on Settings in the left bar then select Store Settings

3) Once you're in Store Settings, select your store from the right hand side

4) From there, you can access your Store Information 

5) Once in Store Information, scroll to the bottom of the page to view the Dispatch Settings. The first toggle in this section will enable/disable Dispatch for your store. Please note that the Dispatch hand-off mode won't be shown on the ordering UI if Dispatch is paused.

 If you have any questions or problems setting this up for your store please contact the Help Center and our support team will assist you.

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