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Dispatch Coverage Reports

The Dispatch Coverage Reporting tool allows you to check updated delivery coverage for your stores. This report will detail which Delivery Service Providers (DSPs) cover your store(s) for Dispatch.

Note: You need permission to access Reports in Dashboard to use this tool. To request this permission, please reach out to your corporate contact.


How to run a Dispatch coverage report

  1. From the Dashboard homepage select Reports.

  2. Under the Reports section, select Dispatch to access all Dispatch reporting options.

  3. Select Coverage Report from the dropdown and pick the stores you want to see coverage for from the right bar.

  4. Before generating the report, you can input specific DSPs in the Additional Delivery Service Providers box if available. For a complete list of our live providers, please see our Delivery Service Providers (DSP) guide. If you don't want to check upcoming DSPs, click Generate Report.

  5. The report will be created and sent to the My Reports section of your Dashboard with the following information: 

    • Store ID: Unique identifier for the store
    • Store Name
    • Address
    • City
    • Zip
    • Dispatch Enabled (True/False): Shows if Dispatch is enabled currently by Olo for the store
    • Coverage (True/False): Show if coverage is available by the store
    • Coverage By: If Coverage is True, this provides list of DSPs currently available for the store.
    • Additional Coverage Available: If Coverage is True, this provides a list of DSPs available that can be turned on for the specified store.


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