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Brink POS: Discount Configuration for Coupons\Rewards

Summary: Coupons and Rewards calculate above store and, whether a fixed amount or a percent, are resolved to a specific dollar amount. Olo sends that amount to Brink POS to be entered as a Discount. Creating an online coupon is documented here.


Brink POS needs to be configured with a Discount to accept the dollar amount that Olo sends for a Coupon or Reward with an Order. At this time, Olo cannot send the amount to a Brink Promotion. The Discount must be Active and set as a Comp with the Granularity of Order and flagged to Ask For Amount. The following diagram is an example.


The Discount ID is then sent to Olo for mapping.

One Discount must be used for all Loyalty Rewards.

For Olo Coupons, one Discount may be used for multiple coupons or multiple coupons can be mapped to different Discounts for tracking purposes.

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