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Group Ordering Overview

Group ordering is available to all Olo customers and gives you a way to easily aggregate individual orders. This can be helpful for events, office lunches or parties. Below are the steps to follow when using group ordering along with a short clip of this feature in practice. 

If you're interested in adding group ordering to your site submit a ticket on the Help Center and our support team will be happy to help you.

Using group ordering

For this demo, we are using Carlo's Bakery as an example. The features you see here will be essentially identical for any brand.

  1. Visit and select a location. Once the location has been chosen, click the Order button to move to the next screen.

  2. Customers will have to login to access group ordering but once their account is setup they can click on Group Order to proceed.

    3. Begin a group order and you will be given a unique link to invite others to order with you. Set a deadline and invite your group.

    4. Check your email for a link to manage the order and view the basket containing your group’s order.

    5. When everyone is finished adding items to the order, use the link to place the order as usual.

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