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Updating mobile apps to show a marketing opt-in toggle

Our mobile apps have been updated to offer a toggle for your customers to opt-in and receive marketing content from your brand. Marketing content consists of any specials, deals, or updates you might want to notify your customers about. In order to take advantage of this feature you must update your app first. This feature will be auto-enabled once that is completed.
Note: To update your app, contact your sales director to scope out the functionality and plan the implementation. Please remember, all app updates must be released on your brand's Apple developer account.
Customers will see this toggle appear when they create an account from either the Create Account/Login screen or when they create an account in the Checkout Flow. The messaging next to the toggle will default to whatever message is shown to desktop web customers.

A few things to note once this is activated:
  • If a customer creates an account from the Create Account/Login flow, the customer will be presented with the 'Country Picker' defaulted to USA.

  • If the customer creates an account from the Checkout Flow, the UI will infer the customer's location based on the vendor's location and default the country picker accordingly.

  • When the 'Country Picker' is set to USA, the marketing opt-in checkbox is checked. When the 'Country Picker' is set to CA, the marketing opt-in checkbox is unchecked. 


New fields will now be visible in the 'Create Account' section after the app update is completed



If you have any questions about updating your app or customizing the toggle's messaging please submit a ticket on the Help Center and our support team will assist you.

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