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Delivery Information Report

Looking for the delivery status for your store's open Dispatch orders? Tracking your most frequently used delivery providers? A Dashboard user can generate a Dispatch deliveries report for a specific time frame. The report can be filtered on Dispatch status, order status, Delivery Service Provider, etc.

If you do not have permission to view the Reports tool, please ask your CSM or Dispatch Specialist for help.

To generate the Deliveries Report:

  1. In Dashboard, navigate to the Reports section of the sidebar and select Dispatch
  2. Click Confirm Store Selection to select the store(s) to generate the report for
  3. In the Report dropdown, select Deliveries Report 
  4. If desired, filter on the available fields for date range, order status, Dispatch Status, or Delivery Service Provider
  5. Click Generate Report
  6. Download the .csv report from the My Reports tab 



Attached is an example of the Deliveries Report. If a report includes orders from multiple stores, all orders will appear on the same tab.

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