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Syncing a customer's account info via email

We've made some updates to the Switchboard interface to enable full user account functionalities for customers including a shared order history with the other Olo interfaces (desktop web, mobile web and app ordering). The cases below are upgrades and features enabled by this change. For any questions please submit a ticket on the Help Center and someone will be happy to assist you.

Case 1: Agents are now able to lookup users by email as well as phone number

Previously, only a phone number could be used to lookup a user record. Now, agents will see that the search field allows for “Customer Phone Number or Email”, and they can now use that field to lookup a customer by email address. The will help link past order information from other sources ultimately reducing the chance of having duplicate accounts for the same customer.

If the email address finds a match those results will be returned as a list (just as it does with a phone number). If the system does not find a match, a new customer profile will be started with the email address populated for the agent.

Case 2: New customer “profile” section

Currently, when a customer profile is returned in a search, the call center agent can see customer's past orders or start a new order. This update will introduce a third option, Select Customer

The Select Customer button will make it easier for a call center agent to quickly navigate to a customer profile page to see information such as the customer’s phone number, most recent orders (with links to re-order) any open baskets, an other account attributes (if this feature has been enabled).

Case 3: Ability to opt-in email address users to marketing communications

Olo's feature allowing brands set up customers to receive marketing communications is now available on Switchboard. Once a customer gives their permission, the call center agent can opt them into marketing communications by clicking on the box below the email. This option will show up once an email address is provided. This can be helpful when you want to expose customers to unique deals, new menu items or new features you've added.

It can be ignored entirely or call center agents can incorporate a question about this into their normal call workflow. The decision around addressing this should be handled on a brand-by-brand basis.

Case 4: Allow Switchboard users to store credit cards on file

Allowing customers to save credit cards on file for future payment is one of the biggest enhancements in this update. That said, it is important that each brand talks with their call center team about customer verification best practices before allowing card-on-file use. There is no mechanism built into the Olo platform for this verification, so the brand must be comfortable with agents using some form of manual verification.

Olo will not turn this feature on by default. Brands must request the feature be turned on for their program. When engaged, the agent will see the option to “Save this card for future orders”


Then on a future order, the agent will see the card as a payment option available

Since accounts are shared across Switchboard, web, apps and other interfaces, it is possible that the user will have a card on file on the account from non call-in orders. These cards on file can also be utilized for payment. Cards are stored for each customer profile associated with an email address so if a  customer does not provide an email address during the order process will not be able to store a card on file. This option can be turned off if you do not want to allow credit cards saved on file from Switchboard.

If you have any questions about the features discussed above please contact the Help Center and our support team will be happy to assist you.





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