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Silver / Silver Pro POS: Change prices in POS to update Olo


Technical Teams, Account Managers, POS Administrators

Description of Issue:

There is a need to change pricing in POS and then update the new prices in Olo to match POS or an end-user needs to confirm pricing is correct in POS to determine why pricing in Olo appears incorrect. 
Within Silver/Silver Pro, these are the steps for setting prices in your POS.

1. To change the price of an item:
       Log in to silver back office.
       Select Inventory
       Select ‘Online’ category
       Select the item.
       Under Sales Price, enter the new price.
       Click Save.

2. To change the price of a modifier:
       Log in to Silver Back Office.
       Select inventory
       Select modifiers
       Select the modifier group.
       Select the modifier item.
       Change the price.
       Click Save Changes.

3. Login to Olo Dashboard and navigate to Update Prices link and click it.
4. Confirm correct pricing on Olo.

Note: If the above steps do not work to update prices, please contact NCR support at 877-270-3475 or log into SBO and live chat with a representative.


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