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Olo MICROS Services Installation



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Description of the Issue

Olo is not installed on the MICROS computer and this is required for Olo integration.

Solution Summary


There are 7 steps to install Olo services with micros and confirm that everything is running properly. 

The instructions below may seem intimidating at first glance, but each step is quite simple and the installation (assuming the configurations in place are already correct) can take less than 7 minutes to complete.


  Step 1: Confirm store is “Offline” on the Olo Dashboard

  Step 2: Generate a Password

  Step 3: Download the Installer

  Step 4: Follow the Instructions in Wizard

  Step 5: Check the POS Configuration Setup

  Step 6: Start the Olo Services

  Step 7: Confirm Store is Online Using the Dashboard

Installation procedure (basic store install)

Step 1: Confirm store is “offline” in Dashboard 

The purpose of this step is mainly to confirm that you have dashboard permission to view the store, and since the store will connect automatically and disappear from the “Offline” list, it is a nice way to confirm that your installation has succeeded.

Log into the Olo Dashboard at and click the See Offline Vendors button. The store will be listed below.

Step 2: Generate the POS password

Since it takes 2 minutes for the password to register with the POS connection servers, it makes sense to generate it for the store before running the installation tool.  

Tip: If you forget to generate the password upfront and instead generate it right before entering it into the installation tool, you may see an Invalid Username or Password error. Simply wait a few minutes for the newly generated password to register and then try it again.

From the offline list, click on the store’s name to go to the Settings page for the location. Click on the POS Settings link.

Click the Generate a New Password button. Confirm the warning dialog and a password will be generated. Hover over the box to see the password for the username listed above the warning message. Keep this page open as you move to the store computer for installation.

Step 3: Download the Installer from Dashboard

1)  Go to the Brand section on the left control list

2)  Select POS Downloads


3)  Select Micros 3700

  4)  Click the button to download the most current version of the Olo Micros Agent

Step 4: Follow the instructions in the install wizard

  1. Click Next to begin the process
  2. Click Next for the destination folder
  3. Enter the Olo username and password (the one generated Dashboard under Settings)
  4. Click Install and then Finish when it is done

Step 5: Check the POS Configuration setup

Click on Run Olo Micros test.bat to open the POS Configuration tester


Common Errors and Issues:

Incorrect vendor name / password

This error means the vendor name and password combination entered into the install wizard do not match anything on Olo’s system.

  1. Be sure you’ve allowed enough time between generating the password and entering it here. Wait at least 2 minutes between these steps.
  2. Make sure you have the correct username.
  3. There was a problem typing the password (the passwords here can be tricky but need to be for       security reasons). To try again, you want to uninstall the Wizard and re-run it. Run the Install         Wizard first to remove the application, and then re-run it again to retry the username and         password combination.

If the Test program encounters any other errors, it will provide the reasons. These may be configurations that you already know how to correct, in which case you can simply proceed with those corrections and re-run the test. If the reasons are unknown to you, copy down the exact message for Olo to review. If the test succeeds, move on to the next step.


Step 6: Start the Olo services

Start button -> Run -> Services.msc

Right-click the Olo Micros Service, click Start

The Olo Micros Service will automatically start the Olo Update Service 


Step 7: Confirm the store is online using Dashboard

Once the services are running, the store should be automatically connected and displayed as Online within a couple of minutes

Open up the dashboard and click See Offline Vendors button to refresh the list, and confirm that the installed store is no longer listed


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