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Setup Tracking for Apps on Facebook


Our mobile apps are now integrated with Facebook App Ads installs. This is a valuable tool to help brands connect with people who are more likely to install, and frequently use, your mobile app. These ads can be shown across Facebook, Instagram and Audience Network and will help brands track who's downloading their apps. This information can provide actionable insights about your customers such as their age, gender, location, and device preference.

NOTE: This integration cannot track in-app purchases. Facebook only tracks virtual in-app purchases, not physical purchases — and Olo products are considered physical purchases. 


Facebook App Ad Examples

To set this up, you will need to configure your app in Facebook’s testing environment. If you were running ads before, you can now track them. If you have any trouble with the steps below or would like help setting up app tracking contact our Support Team.

Setup Instructions

    1. Go to Facebook and create an account (or use an existing one) for tracking information

    2. Once you’ve logged in, visit

    3. Click + Add a New App

    4. Enter the name of the app under Display Name

    5. Enter a contact email and hit Confirm

    6. On the left, click Dashboard

    7. Finally, send your App ID and Display Name to our Support Team who will complete the setup process and make sure everything is working as intended

Video walkthrough - part 1

Video walkthrough - part 2

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