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Micros POS: Combo Meal Mapping Instructions


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The purpose of this article is to provide the necessary steps for a brand to build and map micros combo meal for online ordering.


The solution includes the steps required to build and map micros combo meals.  The information required to map the combo meals is in your micros POS Configurator.  The order in which you add these choices is very important.  It is also important to add condiments under the combo meal components that they are meant to modify not under the combo meal item.

Step 1

Add a product to the Company Menu:

  • Login to the Dashboard
  • Select Menu Admin
  • Open Company Menu
  • Select Category for Combo Meals
  • Add the product to Olo for the combo meal

Step 2

Get combo meal mapping information from micros.  

  • Open POS Configurator
  • Open Menu/Combo Meals
  • Get Combo Meal ID and Combo Menu Item ID (9002 and 35001 respectively from below)

Step 3

Map the Combo Meal in Olo Menu Admin

  • Select "combo_meal" as Type for product added in Step 1

  • Type in combo meal id comma combo menu item id in the Entity id from Step 2

  • Save this entry

Step 4

Add in the combo meal main item group choices

  • POS Configurator/Menu/Combo Meals
  • Get the Main Item Group Number (and Name) (2 KID SIDES from below)

  • Select Modifiers for this combo meal

  • Add New Modifier 

a.  Type in a customer-friendly description for this modifier group.  This is what the customer will see when making this choice.

b.  Type in an Internal Description = same name as in step a. and add the main group name as it appears in micros along with the type of combo choice (main or side) and the group number (KID SIDES Main 2) for this example.

c.  Save this modifier group


  • Get choices for this modifier group from micros
    • POS Configurator/Menu/Combo Meal
    • Select Combo Group
    • Find the desired group from above (2 KID SIDES in this example)
    • Make note of the menu items in the combo group to add into Olo next

  • Select Edit for this modifier group to add in the available choices

  • Type in the Name for each choice and press <enter> to go to the next one

  • Type in all choices from micros

  • Get micros mapping information for these choices

  • Select Edit on the mapping for the first option

  • Add mapping for these "main" choices but selecting type "combo_main_item"

  • Type in combo group id comma combo main item id (2,35508 for No Side)
  • Save this mapping by pressing save

  • Repeat this process for ALL main choice items

  • Check that all of these numbers were entered correctly by reviewing the micros setup



Note: If any of these choices can be modified with condiments, please add them under the choice modifiers for each combo main item.  See Step 8 for further details.

Step 5

Check micros to see if there are other choices for this combo meal

  • POS Configurator/Menu/Combo Meal
  • Select the Combo Meals Tab

  • Select the Side Items tab

  • There are no other choices for this combo meal, so this one is DONE!  If there are side items list, proceed to Step 7.

Step 6

  • Add this item to your Brand's Demo store menu 
  • Update your prices via the Price Update
  • Basket test each combo meal
    • If valid basket test, this item is complete
    • If invalid basket test, review details and resolve until valid basket test.

Step 7

If your combo meal has side items list, these need to be added to Olo for the combo meal to ring up properly.  The order of these side choices in Olo must match the order of them in micros.  The number next to the side choice is the side choice number, not the side group number that will be used in mapping.

  • The CYO Burger group is the first combo side group that needs to be built and mapped
  • Select the Combo Groups Tab to get the Combo Side Group number

  • Add a new modifier group (Step 2) for this side choice.


  • Add in your choices from micros

  • Add in the mapping for this item.

  • Select combo_side_item as the Type since this was listed under the sides tab in micros

  • Add in the combo group id comma the combo side item id (8,1017) and save

  • If there are more choices under this first side group, add and map them following the same logic
  • If there are condiments that need to be added under this combo side proceed to Step 8.
  • If there are no condiments needed for this combo side but there are more combo sides, please add them using the same logic as Step 7.  Make sure the Olo side order is exactly the same as the order listed in micros sides (the numbers in micros under sides indicate 1, 2, etc).

Step 8

Adding condiments to combo meal main and/or combo meal side items.  It is very important to add these condiments under the item that is being modified.  If not the modifications will not print properly in POS and the kitchen will not know what/how to modify the order.

  • The CYO Burger from Step 7 has multiple required condiments in micros.  Please ring the combo meal in micros to get the proper choices to add to Olo.  CYO Burger has the following choices from POS: Bun, Cheese, and Toppings ($).  Both the Bun and Cheese are single choices but the toppings is an unlimited add on choice.
  • Select Choice Modifiers for the item that you want to modify

  • Add New Modifier groups

  • Once you have added all of the Choice Modifier groups, you can add in the desired condiments by selecting Edit next to them.

  • Add each choice and press enter to get to next choice.

  • Add mapping for each condiment by selecting edit next to the mapping area
  • Select condiment as the type
  • Type in condiment number (add a comma and level number if not 1)
  • Save this mapping and complete all mappings for these condiments

  • Repeat this process for all modifier groups


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