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Set Unique Handoff Method Messages by Store

Brands and individual stores can now customize customer-facing messages as needed. These can be set up on the 'Order Placed' page and in order confirmation emails for pick up, drive-thru, and curbside pickup orders. 

Once you've updated your customer-facing messaging in the Dashboard contact us at and we’ll complete the final step to add this to your Order Confirmation email.

Note: For apps to show custom messages, you must have the latest version of your app updated on both the Android and iOS app stores

Typical messages previously looked like this:

We received feedback that some stores may need different messages and/or instructions due to a variety of reasons such as:

  • The store has a different operational process for pick up or drive-thru orders and would like specific information to assist their customers

  • The store is not easy to find

  • The store has promotions they would like to highlight to customers

What's New

Brand-level Instructional Messages

We now offer the ability to create a brand-level default customer-facing message for each hand-off mode available. To make changes to your instructional messages, navigate to Dashboard and select Brand Settings. From this screen open up the Messages tab.


This will show you all of the message by order type that are currently setup.


Store-level Instructional Messages

Stores can also edit instructional messages by navigating to their Store Settings and going to the Messages page. 

Note: Stores can override the Brand message


Here is an example of where this messaging will flow through into your Order Confirmation Emails below:




If you have any questions about setting up custom messaging, please contact us for assistance.

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