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POS: Aloha - Balancing Refunds in Olo with Aloha POS


Technical Teams, Account Managers, and Client's POS programmer  


There will be times when an order has been successfully comitted to POS from Olo and the store needs to refund the order for a guest. This can be for a various reasons, i.e., food quality, order was submitted and they meant to cancel, etc. 


Orders that are canceled in Olo do not need to be refunded, but orders that have been committed to POS will need to be refunded in Olo if the card transaction is to be reversed. and can be refunded in POS as well for reporting partiy. However, if the store is just going to give cash to the guest, then they don't have to refund via Olo. 


  1. Setup in POS
    • In Aloha, cofirm the Olo tender is flagged as "can refund".
    • As a best practice and to prevent misuse of the Olo Tender, a tender group should be created which does not include the Olo Tender and that tender group should be assigned to all POS Access Levels that should not use this Tender.
  2. Decide whether refunds within Olo Dashboard will be done by store managers at the store level or if this will be a central/corp office function.
  3. If you wish to capture the refund in Olo and credit the money back to the customer's card (fpr pre-paid orders), execute the steps for refunding in Olo found in this article on our Help Center.
  4. Refund in the POS:
    • Same business day - find the order on FOH and void the order or items on the order like in-store management would for any other paid/closed order.
      • If you are refunding the guest with physical cash, the step to refund on the Dashboard is not required. However, it is recommended for reporting parity between Olo and POS, which also prevents confusion in-store by managers on process. 
    • Next business day or later -
      • On FOH, access the refund button in Manager functions.
      • If you refunded to a credit card in Olo
        • In refund mode, ring all of the items from the order that you wish to refund and close the check to the Olo Tender.
      • If the order was pay in-store/pay at pickup (Olo had no credit card information for the order)
        • In refund mode, ring all of the items from the order that you wish to refund and close the check to the cash tender and had the guest cash.
    • In all scenarios-
      • The refund action in Olo and in POS must be executed on the same day so that the Olo Tender in Aloha matches the online batch for the day.

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