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Aloha POS: Balancing Refunds in Olo with Aloha POS


Technical Teams, Account Managers, and Client's POS programmer  


Refunds in Olo


Refunds in the POS

  • In Aloha, if the refund in Olo is done the same business day, it is possible to find the order and void it. But that’s not possible if the Olo refund is done after the original transaction day. My suggestion, for consistency, is that all refunds in Olo are matched by a Refund in Aloha. The manager will need access to a refund button in Manager functions. They can simply press refund, then ring all of the items from the order and close the check to the Olo Tender.
  • The Olo tender, in Aloha, must be flagged, Can Refund.
  • The refund must be done the same day so that the Olo Tender in Aloha matches the online batch for the day.
  • To prevent misuse of the Olo Tender, a tender group should be created which does not include the Olo Tender.
  • This group needs to be assigned to all POS Access Levels that should not use this Tender.

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