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Request a New Delivery

When a store receives an email about a canceled Dispatch order, it means only that the delivery was canceled. The order itself has not been canceled. In this case, a user can request a new delivery in Dashboard or Expo. This can be very helpful for any time-sensitive delivery issues.

To request a new delivery on Dashboard:

  • Navigate to your Dashboard
  • Click Orders along the left-hand side of the page
  • Enter the order number you want to view and click See Order Details 
  • Request Delivery 


When using this button for Dispatch orders, the Dashboard will attempt to request a new delivery for your existing order.  A common use case for using this feature is when there are missing items in a customer’s delivery and the store would like to dispatch another driver to pick up the remaining part of the order to deliver to the end customer.  

Because this feature is intended to address time-sensitive deliveries that must occur within the next few hours, it is only available 2 hours before the scheduled delivery time. If delivery was canceled by the DSP prior to the delivery date, you will need to wait until 2 hours prior to the scheduled delivery time to use this feature.

NOTE: Using this feature will result in an additional delivery fee that will show up on your Olo invoice, but will not be charged to the end customer. The end customer is only charged for the delivery fee when they place the order. 



Field Name



Request Type

The first dropdown menu:

You can specify the delivery time in two ways:

● Pickup time at restaurant: This should be selected if you are trying to arrange for the driver to pickup the food at a certain time. This method is generally used for an ASAP delivery.

● Dropoff time at customer: This should be selected if you are trying to arrange for the delivery to arrive at the customer’s delivery address at a certain time. This method can be used when the customer wishes to push their delivery to a later time on the current day.

The second dropdown menu:

Allows you to specify the time for the pickup or dropoff. This dropdown intentionally limits the future time slots you can select. If you need a time-slot further in the future, then the customer should be instructed to cancel their order and place a new order with updated delivery info.


Delivery Request Reason

This is a dropdown menu with a predefined list of reasons. You should select the reason that best matches your request.


Internal Explanation

This field allows the user to provide additional details for why a new delivery request is being sent. The customer will not see these comments.


Customer Notification Type

From the dropdown menu, select Email customer if you would like the customer to receive an email notification of the new delivery.  If you select, ‘Store will call customer’, there will be no email sent to the customer to notify them of the additional delivery.


Email Notification

If you select Email customer as the Customer Notification Type, the customer will receive this canned email.  The text box allows the user to provide an additional custom message in the email notification (e.g. ‘Sorry about forgetting some items in your delivery. The cookies are being sent in a separate delivery.’)


Once the form is completed, you'll receive a new quote that you have to accept and the new delivery will be placed.

To request a new delivery on Expo:

  • Navigate to the order that needs a new delivery. 
  • Click Actions tab
  • Click Request New Delivery


  • Complete the request form


  • Confirm the delivery fee


  • View the new delivery details




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