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Release Notes - June 26, 2017


Updated order total on the Order Details page if refunds or adjustments are made

Moved Payment Settings from 'Store Settings' tab to 'Payments' tab

Ability to charge the end customer a delivery fee based on a percentage of the order subtotal

Ability to charge the end customer a delivery fee based on different order value tiers

Added Dashboard settings so brands now have the option to view and edit configurations at a store level

Allow delivery service providers a way to select which ordering service providers they support through Dispatch if online ordering is not provided by Olo

Desktop Web: Google Analytics now supported on all ordering pages except the credit card entry pages

LevelUp Wallet: Improved error messaging in checkout that informs customers if their order failed due to missing credit card information

Positouch: Now offers the ability to send Olo Order IDs to printed receipts

Positouch: Added split payments support allowing customers to complete their order using multiple payment methods

Positouch: Added order-level custom field support, allowing more information to be added to a check, such as the number of guests on an order

Bug Fixes:

Improved performance of the on-demand trigger for vendor export functionality

Fixed validation logic to ensure a price field can only contain numerical values

Fixed pages to make sure contents are properly right-sized and settings are not hidden in certain scenarios

Brink: Fixed the menu mapping help tool's copy & paste functionality for modifiers

Desktop Web: Updated the 'Personal Details' section of the 'My Account' page to meet ADA Web Content Accessibility Guidelines

Desktop Web: Updated ‘Sign in with [Facebook|Google]’ button to meet ADA Web Content Accessibility Guidelines

Fixed calorie display so that reduction in calories is represented by a negative sign

Desktop Web: Updated footer links to read correctly with a screen reader and meet ADA Web Content Accessibility Guidelines

Desktop Web: Updated the 'Country' drop down menu to meet ADA Web Content Accessibility Guidelines

Merchant Link: Fixed issues causing refunds to fail

Olo POS Interface (OloCloud): Updated to correctly pass modifier quantities to checks

Infogenesis: Fixed discount calculation error

Toast: Now supports long GUIDs assigned to products and modifiers

Positouch: Now offers support for modifier quantities

Micros: Fixed subtotal calculation when including Dispatch delivery fee

Micros: Fixed bug that would cause an order to fail when it included nested items mapped to 'none'

NCR Silver Pro: Fixed mismatch detection logic that was yielding false-positives

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