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Fixing "Invisible" Products on a Menu

Question: I’ve added a product (or category) to my menu, and I can see the product is available in Olo Menu Admin. Why don’t I see it on the live website?

Answer: It is likely that you have set item availability hours, and the current hours fall outside the time you’re viewing the customer-facing menu.

Fix: If you don't intend to limit products to certain hours at the restaurant, take the following steps to rectify the issue and make the products “reappear” on your menu.


In Olo Menu Admin, go to the category in question. Click on the product name, such as 'Hamburger'.


You will see a pop up with 'Product Details' and 'Availability Settings'. Click on the 'Availability Settings' tab to see the location's specific availability hours for all products.

Example: The product below is only available 10:00am to 9:00pm each day. This means if a customer views the website at 9:30pm, the product will not appear


To clear this setting for this product, click 'Remove' next to each of the business hours listed above. Once you’ve cleared hours for all seven days, the product hours will default back to 24/7.

To clear this setting for all products in a category, and make them available 24/7, go back to the category level and click 'Add Hours for All Products'.  



You will then see an option to add hours with 12am-12am sets and all boxes checked.



Uncheck all boxes and then click 'Add Base Hours' to remove base hours from all products in the category.


You can go back and check one of the products again, and you'll see the availability reset to 24/7.

If needed, repeat this process for additional categories on your menu. If you have more questions or are still having trouble resolving your problem please reach out to on the Help Center.

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