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Release Notes - June 19, 2017


Users can now see past delivery escalation tickets and issues on the Order Details page

Users can now specify email addresses to be cc'ed on delivery escalations submitted for a location

Simplified delivery issue escalations so now the user only has to complete 2 fields on the Order Details page

Improved Dispatch ordering interface to make sure it correctly captures all necessary data before searching for delivery availability and sending a quote

Aloha: Now provides more detail about reasons for a POS failure

Bug Fixes:

Fixed a bug that caused the 86ing button to not show up for menu items

Removed restriction that prevented users from adding availability times to every choice in a required modifier group

Fixed email order transmission bug that caused an order to fail when the email address contained a semicolon

Mobile App: Fixed how sodium icons are displayed next to menu items on mobile apps

Fixed advanced payment settings so that they are reflected the same way on desktop and mobile web

Microsale: Integration completed

Oracle/Micros Simphony: Fixed how main menu levels are sent to the POS for ordering

PAR PixelPoint: Fixed bug so now quantities in the order details are correctly sent to the POS

Fixed the displayed food "ready time" to immediately update when changing between pickup and delivery modes

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